Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some days the fish Gods smile on you!

   I don't know why I get so stuck on a species and won't leave it alone? Ok I do. By far my favorite fish has got to be the Red Drum. For so many reasons too. Pound for pound they have got to be one of the hardest fighting inshore species. You can fish for them so many ways. Artificals, flies and bait. My favorite is artificals. Something about fooling the fish in to taking what you offer is very rewarding. Never mind the amount of money spent on all of that I better use it. Now with my recent tackle gig I was going to go and catch Reds on some Marsh Works gear. Kris and I set out Sunday morn to find some drag screaming fish. It has been a tough summer locally for Reds. So we went with our gut instincts and fished an area we both felt could be productive. Our friend William joined us in the hunting safari. Not long after arriving at location "X" I found my target. This one was caught on a spinner bait with a Bayou Thumper. Not long after Kris got onto a real fighter measuring in around 26". Her first fish and next one were both caught on jig head and 3" Bayou Thumper. The second fish was a pig!! The reason we target them, it pulled drag and drug the 14' Ultimate around until she landed a 27.5" healthy fish! Great morning on the water

Monday, August 23, 2010

What a week!!

 This past week was a whirl wind of excitement. The week started with one of the most exciting things to come my way in the fishing world in awhile. I had been looking at this new tackle company from Mississippi. They had sent me some gear to try and write an article on for the magazine. Noting but first class tackle here from their popping corks, jig heads and assortment of soft plastics,spinner baits and gold spoons. After a few conversations over the phone and some great feelings of these guys are genuine in what they are doing. I received a phone call asking if I would like to be the rep in my area for Marsh Works!! Would I? Hell ya!! OK I did a lot of thinking about this and with alot of support from my best fan Kris I jumped at the chance. For years in the tackle business I could always stand behind the counter and tell someone why they need that lure but now I have to stand in front of the counter and tell a shop owner why he needs that lure. Very excited about doing that!

  Fast forward to Fri. both Kris and I where off for the day and took that time to go fishing. Duh? What else would we do.? Our favorite species (Redfish) have been all but none excising this summer. Needless to say we were going to try for some anyway. A beautiful morning on the water. Sun barely over the trees and I see some tailing fish.. Oh wait rays. Throw my spinner on the outside anyway hoping there is a Red vacuuming up some scraps. Blow up and fish on!!! Whoa a pull my Daiwa Coastal reel hasn't felt in awhile.Redfish boated pictures taken and fish released.

 Saturday we spent the day fishing in an annual club fishing challenge. This event is a fund raiser for Toys for Tots. All of the local saltwater angling clubs in the state are eligible (8 this year) to fish. Our local kayak fishing club, TKAA is the only non power boat club to attend. This year in true fashion we earned our respect finishing fifth. Which is awesome for us. Actually we have always finished well in this tournament. While helping to raise money for a great cause. Another proud day for me was the fact that my girlfriend was the only female kayaker and she held her own and even scored some fish for the team. I'm a lucky man.