Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back in the swing of things!!

   There is something exciting for me about taking new kayak anglers out for a fishing trip. Can't really put my finger on it but I always look forward to those trips. Is it the feeling of watching someone catch fish for the first time from the kayak? Maybe being able to explain and answer questions on how, where, why and what to use? Just simply the fact that I get to fish and take someone else fishing and get paid to do it? No that sounds selfish, but is pretty cool. That isn't what drives me though. Sharing and giving back is what I enjoy most. Yesterday all of those things happened to kick off the 2011 guiding season for Ruthless Kayak Fishing. I had the pleasure of taking Tom from New Mexico for his first Va saltwater fishing trip. We started the day looking for some Reds and Specks to no takers. Moved along the grass flats working to the deeper channel edges for some flat fish and finally got connected with one of our targeted species. Few more flounder where caught, questions were answers, tips and techniques were explained and most of all a new kayaker smiled, laughed and got to start on his way to experincing a new angle on fishing.