Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some Useful Info

   I try not to get on a soap box to often, but there are a few things that I think as a recreational fisherman we all need to be aware of and have our opnions heard. One thing that is currently going on now in NC is HB 353, which would make Redfish, Speckle Trout and Striped Bass gamefish only. With the recent events in the Mid-Atlantic this winter of all the Striper kills by irresponsible commercial fisherman should be enough to get this bill passed. Maybe just maybe if NC can get this ball rolling other states will stand up and take charge. Someone has to be a voice for the fish. What better than us the rec. anglers, guides and Captains to get involved.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Keeping the Circus Rolling

  By far this has been one of the busiest winters I can remember. Which is hopefully coming to an end, winter that is... The end of last month found us in Greensboro NC at the Central NC Fishing Expo. It was a trip of firsts for me. Probably the highlight of the trip for me was getting to go behind the scenes at Legacy Paddlesports and see start to finish of kayak building. Besides for the whole operation being overwhelming the fact that Legacy builds everything right there in the Greensboro area is very impressive. A company that keeps the economy alive in its own region needlees to say here in America is awesome! To see Legacy's complete line of kayaks http://www.legacypaddlesports.com/
  Another first on this trip was to have seen and visit where my great friend and partner in most crimes,Cory Routh, is from. Besides for Randlman NC being the home of Cory it is also the home of another famous person, the King, no not Elvis but Richard Petty. I can not write this without not thanking Cory's father Larry for taking good care of us and having his home to go back to each night instead of the hotel life we are a custom to. Thanks Larry!!
  The Circus Keeps Rolling with alot more traveling events on the schedule and getting ready for our own fishing and trips closer to home to pick up. Stay tuned....