Sunday, January 27, 2013

Busy Start to the Winter

 No moss growing here this winter. The month of January is not even over yet and I have been on full go... Looking at the calendar there is no slow down in the future either. We wouldn't have it any other way, I think? To date I have already been to the Island of Curacao for 10 days for work. I just felt like I dropped my suitcase off at home and off to the Richmond Fishing Expo to spend time in the Appomattox River Company booth. An annual event I look forward to because not only to I get to share kayak fishing, tell people about Native Watercraft boats but also get to see some great friends and make some new contacts. Saturday I woke to a couple of inches of snow and icy roads just right conditions to run my first 5k! Kris myself and some of our close friends participated in the Wounded Warrior fund raiser event representing Heroes on the Water... We all finished the race and ate our dozen donuts all the while having fun!
  Next weekend is already booked for the Mid-Atlantic Saltwater Fishing Expo. 1st Landing Kayak Fishing Services will have a booth there for the three day event and I have seminars to do each day. More sharing fishing and seeing friends. This will be the second year for this show but for a new event the list is growing and the amount of things to do and see there is not short. If your in the South East VA area you should try and attend this show!

 From there we have two trips to Florida on the schedule and another possible show in NC... All before the middle of March. Fishin' Ain't Easy, and I wouldn't have it any another way!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Time to Get the Dust Off

   Time to stop neglecting this Blog, I always enjoy saying what's on my mind but sometimes putting in text just seems like it never comes across right. So... Not that I ever make New Years Resolutions but this is something I need to pay more attention so I will kick it off tonight. Nice and simple this time. I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has been so supportive of me and this crazy fishing habit. First and foremost would have to be my lovely wife Kris and my family. Without their support and help none of this past years great adventures would be possible. Next to them would have to be our great friends and fellow fishing junkies. Sometimes just being on the water with this bunch is worth more then any of the fish caught!
    Speaking of catching fish, I believe I have some of the greatest companies in the world backing me and 1st Landing Kayak Fishing Services with their support and great products! Thank You, Thank You for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your companies!! In no particular order I do feel that I need to mention some of them here, Native Watercraft, Daiwa Fishing, Yak Attack, Columbia Clothing, Werner Paddles, Astral Bouyancy, MirrOlures, Ohero Fishing Products and all the gang at Hook1 Crew! It is my honor and privilege to represent you and your products each and every day.
     I would also like to take this time to say that I'm very proud to have been involved with many great events with Heroes On The Water. I have always said the reason I enjoy doing what I do is sharing with others. But there is nothing more rewarding or enjoyable then showing our American heroes the reward of fishing from a kayak and the freedom that "They" can have!!
    Wrapping this all up, I promise to share what's on my mind more often and keep everyone up to speed on the goings on of the Double L's and 1st Landing Kayak Fishing. Oh yeah, don't forget if you haven't had enough of us tune in every Tuesday Night to Kayak Fishing to hear it straight from my mouth... No typing required!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gearing up!!

  With the new company being launched we've also picked up some new sponsors that I'm very excited about! The first is a new pfd for us, the Astral Buoyancy Co. from N.C. Astral offers jackets for all the paddling industry from white water, day trippers and fishing. I will be wearing the V-8 model which is the first breathable pfd offering Airescape technology, keeping me cooler and safe on the water for those long hot summer days of catching fish! Visit their web site to find the personal life jacket for your style of kayaking.

   Another first for us this year will be a fishing line and leader sponsor. All of our Daiwa reels will be spooled with Ohero microfiber braid. Ohero braid has the smallest braid to mono ratio on the market. It still carries the same strength, casting ability and abrasion resistant as other braids but has a smaller diameter, stays smoother and softer then all others. Ohero also carries a complete line of fluorocarbon leader material for all of our line to leader connections. Stop by the Ohero website and see all they have to offer.   

    Also coming with us this year is Werner Paddles. Werner also offers a complete line of paddles for all aspects of the kayaking community. Each of their lightweight and strong paddles available are made in the state of Washington. Offering several of their different models in both straight shaft and neutral bent shaft, which I prefer. For the complete line of Werner Paddles follow the link:

  I'm looking forward to working with these new companies and continuing our ongoing relationship with all of our other great products we use, Native Watercraft, Daiwa fishing equipment, Yak Attack and Marsh Works Inshore Tackle.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Fishing trip of 2012

 This past weekend I had the chance to fish a place I had heard so much about, the Indian River in Titusille Fla. I joined Charles Levi, Chip Gibson and Chip's son Brad early Sunday morning in not to favorable Fla temps, a balmy 30 degrees. We put the kayaks in the water as the sun was rising and headed to our first targeted cove. Bait was popping and things looked "fishy". We all took our shots with no takers. As we paddled around we were all getting visual glimpses of Reds and trout but none were taking our offerings. We even had some shots at Black Drum with live shrimp, nada. Moving along we found another cove full of nervous bait, this time we stopped short and pursued our fish on foot. We waded this area throwing all we had to offer. I even had reds swimming right at my feet to no avail. Are you seeing a trend here? Enough of this we moved to a more protected area where Chuck almost immediately hooked into a nice Red. Then he caught a trout over 27 inches. All the time trout were swimming all around me, finally my line went tight and a managed a nice little red. From there we went back to dumping our tackle boxes at these fish all the while they swam around us like we didn't even exist. I managed one more spike trout and the non-catching trend began again. I have never been to an area before with so many fish, that wouldn't eat. As a true fisherman I have to justify the finicky fish on something and the cold front is my nemesis on this one. In the end I had a great time!! Saw a part of the country I have always wanted to visit. Finally got to meet Chuck, Chip and Brad aka the Clone. Shared some laughs and stories. That's really the enjoyment of this, the journey and the fun along the way.      

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year New Adventure!

  Well another year in the record books and a new one has begun. This new year has gotten off to a fast start. I'm excited to announce that Kris and I have launched our new company, 1st Landing Kayak Fishing Services. A complete guided kayak fishing company offering inshore saltwater fishing trips!!! Having both Native Watercraft and Daiwa fishing equipment in our stable I believe we have some of the best products in the kayak fishing community to offer our clients. As if starting a new company wasn't enough Kris and I have been given our own slot on the Kayak Fishing Radio show. We will be doing our Double L broadcasts every Tues night!!
  It's really hard to believe all of this comes from just enjoying to fish. There are so many people who I would like to personally thank for getting me to this place in my life. First would have to be my wife Kris, family and friends. Your support and encouragement means so much to me. Next would be all of my sponsors, your support and great products make my job easier and my time on the water more enjoyable. I would totally be re missed if I did not take this time to thank Cory Routh and Ruthless Fishing for letting me cut my guiding teeth with you. It was an awesome experience and the best of times, Thank You!
  I will also be actively involved with TKAA once again and holding a V.P. position with the club. Beside for all of the above we plan to make many more trips with HOW in the Tidewater region. Of all the things we can do, giving back to our troops is something we try to be a part of as often as possible. So yes I'm looking forward to 2012, going to be busy but we wouldn't have any other way....  (work in progress)                           

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keeping it together!

   Sometimes I wonder what it is about this semi-pro fishing career that keeps me going? I say semi because I really don't make any money at it. At least not yet. This would fall in to one of those times when I hear how "good" I have it with endorsements and pro staff deals. Yes I do have a lot of wonderful sponsors and company's helping me support this habit. I just renewed my contract with Daiwa, things over at Native Watercraft are as good if not better and some other great people are feeding my addiction. Probably the best support I get is from my wife Kris, I don't think I could ever Keep All This Together with out her support and guidance. Plus she is the only who gives me a real reality slap in the face when I deserve it. Support is a great thing no matter how or when you get it. I know it is still 2011 but I'm really looking forward to 2012 and all the support from my great sponsors and my number one endorsement, my family. All of which are helping me Keep it together!  more to come....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Somethings work out!

   This weekend I had the opportunity to fish the Irish Water Dogs Tournament. The focus of this event is to raise money to benefit the Cleft Palate Clinic of Jacksonville Fl. Coming to Florida to work I was unable to bring a kayak to fish from so when Jeff Suber told me he would bring an extra kayak and we could fish the event together I was all in. After work Friday I headed north to Jax to make the Capts. meeting and hook up with Chappy, who's house Jeff and I would be crashing at. We awoke Sat morn to find sunny warm Florida had changed to a balmy 45 degrees. Now I was really in the dark, fishing water I had never seen before, launching from a muddy dark bank and missing all my warm clothing back in Va. Jeff and I started our day throwing top water and having instant blow ups but couldn't get them to connect. We worked our way out of the creeks to a nice flat. Lots of bait and an outgoing tide kept us optimistic and soon we would both have a couple reds to show for that optimism. Neither of mine would make size but Jeff did have a nice 22" on top water. From there our day went a lot slower as the tide kept falling. All the while Jeff and I kept trying and caught up on a lot since last time we fished. Finally we gave in loaded the cars and went to the weigh in. Seems the morning was a lot better for other anglers as some nice fish were caught. All in all though I had a great time. Thanks to Jeff I got to fish a new place and enter another tournament. I also got to meet some people who I'm friends with on Face Book and share some stories and got to catch up with some old friends I haven't seen in awhile. The whole time I was helping a great cause that also helped me get on the water!! Somethings work out. Visit to learn more.