Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Fishing trip of 2012

 This past weekend I had the chance to fish a place I had heard so much about, the Indian River in Titusille Fla. I joined Charles Levi, Chip Gibson and Chip's son Brad early Sunday morning in not to favorable Fla temps, a balmy 30 degrees. We put the kayaks in the water as the sun was rising and headed to our first targeted cove. Bait was popping and things looked "fishy". We all took our shots with no takers. As we paddled around we were all getting visual glimpses of Reds and trout but none were taking our offerings. We even had some shots at Black Drum with live shrimp, nada. Moving along we found another cove full of nervous bait, this time we stopped short and pursued our fish on foot. We waded this area throwing all we had to offer. I even had reds swimming right at my feet to no avail. Are you seeing a trend here? Enough of this we moved to a more protected area where Chuck almost immediately hooked into a nice Red. Then he caught a trout over 27 inches. All the time trout were swimming all around me, finally my line went tight and a managed a nice little red. From there we went back to dumping our tackle boxes at these fish all the while they swam around us like we didn't even exist. I managed one more spike trout and the non-catching trend began again. I have never been to an area before with so many fish, that wouldn't eat. As a true fisherman I have to justify the finicky fish on something and the cold front is my nemesis on this one. In the end I had a great time!! Saw a part of the country I have always wanted to visit. Finally got to meet Chuck, Chip and Brad aka the Clone. Shared some laughs and stories. That's really the enjoyment of this, the journey and the fun along the way.      

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  1. Can't win 'em all. Sounds like a good day regardless. I bet it was cool as hell to have a redfish swimming around your feet.