Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gearing up!!

  With the new company being launched we've also picked up some new sponsors that I'm very excited about! The first is a new pfd for us, the Astral Buoyancy Co. from N.C. Astral offers jackets for all the paddling industry from white water, day trippers and fishing. I will be wearing the V-8 model which is the first breathable pfd offering Airescape technology, keeping me cooler and safe on the water for those long hot summer days of catching fish! Visit their web site to find the personal life jacket for your style of kayaking.

   Another first for us this year will be a fishing line and leader sponsor. All of our Daiwa reels will be spooled with Ohero microfiber braid. Ohero braid has the smallest braid to mono ratio on the market. It still carries the same strength, casting ability and abrasion resistant as other braids but has a smaller diameter, stays smoother and softer then all others. Ohero also carries a complete line of fluorocarbon leader material for all of our line to leader connections. Stop by the Ohero website and see all they have to offer.   

    Also coming with us this year is Werner Paddles. Werner also offers a complete line of paddles for all aspects of the kayaking community. Each of their lightweight and strong paddles available are made in the state of Washington. Offering several of their different models in both straight shaft and neutral bent shaft, which I prefer. For the complete line of Werner Paddles follow the link:

  I'm looking forward to working with these new companies and continuing our ongoing relationship with all of our other great products we use, Native Watercraft, Daiwa fishing equipment, Yak Attack and Marsh Works Inshore Tackle.