Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trying to catch up!!

     First I will start with a shameful apology for not tending this blog. I can go on and on about how busy I've been and all the other excuses that usually come along.... Well I have been and would like to use those excuses now. Busy is good and besides for the usual stuff, work, a lot of it has been fishing related. A good thing!! Besides for fishing my Marsh Works gig has been going really good. We have picked up more stores on the east coast. Currently working on finalizing a great deal with a major .com site to sell our tackle. (more to come) 
     Besides for my current Marsh Works sales job I also have recently been picked up the product line from Fish N Hunt They offer some great wading belts and hunting bags! I'm really looking forward to bringing this great product from Texas to the east coast.
     The fishing scene has been hit or miss this summer for my usual favorite inshore catches. I have had some succesful trips for trout on the flats. Most of the bigger ladies have all been on top water but still pick up alot of "good " fish on my favorite Killa Squilla on a Bayou Thumper jighead.
      Hopefully this sures up the fact I'm still alive and still on the water. If you need any proof you will be able to find me there this whole three day weekend!! And I promise to pay more attention to this blog!! Have alot more coming up including the TKAA charity tournament!

26"er on Top Water

Get Out. Get Bit!
                                                                             Kris and I fishing HOW event