Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keeping it together!

   Sometimes I wonder what it is about this semi-pro fishing career that keeps me going? I say semi because I really don't make any money at it. At least not yet. This would fall in to one of those times when I hear how "good" I have it with endorsements and pro staff deals. Yes I do have a lot of wonderful sponsors and company's helping me support this habit. I just renewed my contract with Daiwa, things over at Native Watercraft are as good if not better and some other great people are feeding my addiction. Probably the best support I get is from my wife Kris, I don't think I could ever Keep All This Together with out her support and guidance. Plus she is the only who gives me a real reality slap in the face when I deserve it. Support is a great thing no matter how or when you get it. I know it is still 2011 but I'm really looking forward to 2012 and all the support from my great sponsors and my number one endorsement, my family. All of which are helping me Keep it together!  more to come....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Somethings work out!

   This weekend I had the opportunity to fish the Irish Water Dogs Tournament. The focus of this event is to raise money to benefit the Cleft Palate Clinic of Jacksonville Fl. Coming to Florida to work I was unable to bring a kayak to fish from so when Jeff Suber told me he would bring an extra kayak and we could fish the event together I was all in. After work Friday I headed north to Jax to make the Capts. meeting and hook up with Chappy, who's house Jeff and I would be crashing at. We awoke Sat morn to find sunny warm Florida had changed to a balmy 45 degrees. Now I was really in the dark, fishing water I had never seen before, launching from a muddy dark bank and missing all my warm clothing back in Va. Jeff and I started our day throwing top water and having instant blow ups but couldn't get them to connect. We worked our way out of the creeks to a nice flat. Lots of bait and an outgoing tide kept us optimistic and soon we would both have a couple reds to show for that optimism. Neither of mine would make size but Jeff did have a nice 22" on top water. From there our day went a lot slower as the tide kept falling. All the while Jeff and I kept trying and caught up on a lot since last time we fished. Finally we gave in loaded the cars and went to the weigh in. Seems the morning was a lot better for other anglers as some nice fish were caught. All in all though I had a great time. Thanks to Jeff I got to fish a new place and enter another tournament. I also got to meet some people who I'm friends with on Face Book and share some stories and got to catch up with some old friends I haven't seen in awhile. The whole time I was helping a great cause that also helped me get on the water!! Somethings work out. Visit to learn more.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Proud moments!

  I've involved several years of my life into this thing called fishing. To most it is a hobby, a means to get away and relax and catch some fish, hopefully. For me it has become more than that. Yes I relax when I'm out there, some of the time. I've also been told I take it too seriously. In these past years I have had the great pleasure of sharing my "serious hobby" with others. Whether it is on the water with a client, an article I may have wrote or in a classroom type environment doing a seminar I enjoy spreading what I have learned. I occasionally here from people thanking me for that and even get them to share how that time helped them catch a fish or get them more involved in fishing. There has been no greater feeling for me of this then from my new wife Kris.
    In the beginning she wanted to just kayak no interest in fishing. So we would go on the water together. Her paddling her new kayak while I fished. Then one day she says she would like to try fishing a little. From there her interest grew. We were no longer just a couple with one half fishing the other paddling. We were fishing every chance we could. We fished in tournaments, we traveled to south Florida so she could enter a woman's only event. To the mountains fly fishing for trout, local ponds for blue gill and the occasionally bass. Even off a pier for some Croaker and what ever else we may find. Fast forward to present day, my job has taken me to Florida for a couple months. With an upcoming tournament at home my not yet but wife to be was pre-fishing every chance she got for the event.Listening to her tell me her plan of attacks, the lures she was using, how she fished a particular area, all those things she had developed. My kayaking partner has become my fishing wife. I'm so proud of her, she never stops amazing me! So next time someone ask you to take them fishing do it. Maybe it's a child or a co-worker or even your spouse it may just turn out to be the best "fishing partner" of your life.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trying to catch up!!

     First I will start with a shameful apology for not tending this blog. I can go on and on about how busy I've been and all the other excuses that usually come along.... Well I have been and would like to use those excuses now. Busy is good and besides for the usual stuff, work, a lot of it has been fishing related. A good thing!! Besides for fishing my Marsh Works gig has been going really good. We have picked up more stores on the east coast. Currently working on finalizing a great deal with a major .com site to sell our tackle. (more to come) 
     Besides for my current Marsh Works sales job I also have recently been picked up the product line from Fish N Hunt They offer some great wading belts and hunting bags! I'm really looking forward to bringing this great product from Texas to the east coast.
     The fishing scene has been hit or miss this summer for my usual favorite inshore catches. I have had some succesful trips for trout on the flats. Most of the bigger ladies have all been on top water but still pick up alot of "good " fish on my favorite Killa Squilla on a Bayou Thumper jighead.
      Hopefully this sures up the fact I'm still alive and still on the water. If you need any proof you will be able to find me there this whole three day weekend!! And I promise to pay more attention to this blog!! Have alot more coming up including the TKAA charity tournament!

26"er on Top Water

Get Out. Get Bit!
                                                                             Kris and I fishing HOW event

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back in the swing of things!!

   There is something exciting for me about taking new kayak anglers out for a fishing trip. Can't really put my finger on it but I always look forward to those trips. Is it the feeling of watching someone catch fish for the first time from the kayak? Maybe being able to explain and answer questions on how, where, why and what to use? Just simply the fact that I get to fish and take someone else fishing and get paid to do it? No that sounds selfish, but is pretty cool. That isn't what drives me though. Sharing and giving back is what I enjoy most. Yesterday all of those things happened to kick off the 2011 guiding season for Ruthless Kayak Fishing. I had the pleasure of taking Tom from New Mexico for his first Va saltwater fishing trip. We started the day looking for some Reds and Specks to no takers. Moved along the grass flats working to the deeper channel edges for some flat fish and finally got connected with one of our targeted species. Few more flounder where caught, questions were answers, tips and techniques were explained and most of all a new kayaker smiled, laughed and got to start on his way to experincing a new angle on fishing.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Push it! Push it real good!!

   I will admit I'm a little envious of my southern flats brethren polling around their boats stalking fish. I have been doing it here, so to speak, but have not found the perfect push pole for my Ultimate. My search is over. Boredom searching around the web I stubbled across A company who manufactures a unique push pole. The pole comes in two sizes, 6'-12' and 9'-17'. That's the beauty of it comes in sizes, the pole telescopes to infinite stopping points within its overall length. Perfect for transporting and even better for the kayak. The 6' stows perfectly when not being used than can be adjusted easily to the changing water depths. The business ends of the pole comes with the duck foot on one side for soft bottom and point on the other for hard bottoms. Coming in at just over three pounds it is easy to handle and pleasure to push you around. If standing and sight fishing is your style of fishing you need to check out The Superstick!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Slow Days aren't always Bad

  A group of us including Kris and William went on the hunt again today. I know there are places here we can go and have some success but sometimes it's also nice to be the first one(s) somewheres else when the bite starts. Typically here in Va Bch. late March and early April bring the first inshore species to Rudee Inlet. This spring has been nothing normal and neither have the arrival of some species. At again, we were hoping to find some Bluefish and a stray Red or two. Neither of which were there. A nice day was not going to go to waste. I have seen and heard for years about Corky's lures in Texas. They are like the crack for trout and reds in that part of the nation. A small company that built its lure from Paul Browns garage were hard to come by and never made it to shelf's in tackle shops here on the east coast. Recently the Mirro Lure company bought this lure design and with help from Paul himself are now making the lure more available to anglers everywhere besides the Lonestar state. I happen to have bought some at a recent fishing expo attended in NC. Today with the slow action I broke out the Corky and gave it some tests. Wow!! Is all I can say. This slow sinking to suspending lure is really live like. You can also walk the dog both on top or slightly below the surface. Moral of my story, instead of quiting on a slow day get some of those lures out you bought and never use and you just might find a new weapon in your arsenal.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some Useful Info

   I try not to get on a soap box to often, but there are a few things that I think as a recreational fisherman we all need to be aware of and have our opnions heard. One thing that is currently going on now in NC is HB 353, which would make Redfish, Speckle Trout and Striped Bass gamefish only. With the recent events in the Mid-Atlantic this winter of all the Striper kills by irresponsible commercial fisherman should be enough to get this bill passed. Maybe just maybe if NC can get this ball rolling other states will stand up and take charge. Someone has to be a voice for the fish. What better than us the rec. anglers, guides and Captains to get involved.

Some useful links:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Keeping the Circus Rolling

  By far this has been one of the busiest winters I can remember. Which is hopefully coming to an end, winter that is... The end of last month found us in Greensboro NC at the Central NC Fishing Expo. It was a trip of firsts for me. Probably the highlight of the trip for me was getting to go behind the scenes at Legacy Paddlesports and see start to finish of kayak building. Besides for the whole operation being overwhelming the fact that Legacy builds everything right there in the Greensboro area is very impressive. A company that keeps the economy alive in its own region needlees to say here in America is awesome! To see Legacy's complete line of kayaks
  Another first on this trip was to have seen and visit where my great friend and partner in most crimes,Cory Routh, is from. Besides for Randlman NC being the home of Cory it is also the home of another famous person, the King, no not Elvis but Richard Petty. I can not write this without not thanking Cory's father Larry for taking good care of us and having his home to go back to each night instead of the hotel life we are a custom to. Thanks Larry!!
  The Circus Keeps Rolling with alot more traveling events on the schedule and getting ready for our own fishing and trips closer to home to pick up. Stay tuned....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm a slacker, I know.

  Ok I know I have been neglecting my own blog. It's not because there hasn't been enough going on to write about. Because there has been and still is alot going on. Maybe thats the problem just to busy to keep up. Maybe I'm just making excuses for my slackness. Anyway, I will try to get caught up and get back on track.
   This winter has been a whirl wind of events. One of the things that has really occupied alot of my time has been my "real" job. As much as I hate to admit I have one of those to help fund this fishing habit I have. The guiding buisness is good but just not that good,yet.
    I have not really been on the water much due to work and honestly this winter has been just too damn cold. Did fish in an artificial only trout tournament with Kris and eight other kayakers against a field of boats. The Norfolk Anglers club put this event on and with alot of great sponsors made this first ever tournament a great event. No one bothered to tell the fish to cooperate that day. (more excuses)
    From there Ruthless Fishing attended the Richmond Fishing Expo for the fifth year in a row. Cory and I spent the next three days at our booth sharing our kayak fishing passion and even shared some tips and technigues in our seminars. This was my first year doing this show as a tackle rep and Daiwa endorsed guide. So I also had to split up my time working in the Green Top Sporting Goods booth waving two other flags! Can only imagine how the Pro Anglers with all those sponsors keep that many flags waving. Also this winter our house got a new sponsor, Kris has been added to the Pink Fishing Pro staff. Pink Fishing is a company sharing breast cancer awareness with the fishing community with a clothing line that gives a percentage to breast cancer cure research. I'm so proud and excited for her!!!

   Speaking of Kris, probably my greatest moment of this winter is when I asked her to marry me last week. Knowing that I have found the person I want to fish with the rest of my life I thought there would be no other way to see if she could really put up with me for a long time than to ask her to marry me. Wedding plans to follow. You can believe it will be on the water.
 Now its time to get ready for winter show #2 in Greensboro NC next week....