Sunday, April 3, 2011

Slow Days aren't always Bad

  A group of us including Kris and William went on the hunt again today. I know there are places here we can go and have some success but sometimes it's also nice to be the first one(s) somewheres else when the bite starts. Typically here in Va Bch. late March and early April bring the first inshore species to Rudee Inlet. This spring has been nothing normal and neither have the arrival of some species. At again, we were hoping to find some Bluefish and a stray Red or two. Neither of which were there. A nice day was not going to go to waste. I have seen and heard for years about Corky's lures in Texas. They are like the crack for trout and reds in that part of the nation. A small company that built its lure from Paul Browns garage were hard to come by and never made it to shelf's in tackle shops here on the east coast. Recently the Mirro Lure company bought this lure design and with help from Paul himself are now making the lure more available to anglers everywhere besides the Lonestar state. I happen to have bought some at a recent fishing expo attended in NC. Today with the slow action I broke out the Corky and gave it some tests. Wow!! Is all I can say. This slow sinking to suspending lure is really live like. You can also walk the dog both on top or slightly below the surface. Moral of my story, instead of quiting on a slow day get some of those lures out you bought and never use and you just might find a new weapon in your arsenal.

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  1. So very true. Might as well put the time on the water to good use.