Sunday, April 24, 2011

Push it! Push it real good!!

   I will admit I'm a little envious of my southern flats brethren polling around their boats stalking fish. I have been doing it here, so to speak, but have not found the perfect push pole for my Ultimate. My search is over. Boredom searching around the web I stubbled across A company who manufactures a unique push pole. The pole comes in two sizes, 6'-12' and 9'-17'. That's the beauty of it comes in sizes, the pole telescopes to infinite stopping points within its overall length. Perfect for transporting and even better for the kayak. The 6' stows perfectly when not being used than can be adjusted easily to the changing water depths. The business ends of the pole comes with the duck foot on one side for soft bottom and point on the other for hard bottoms. Coming in at just over three pounds it is easy to handle and pleasure to push you around. If standing and sight fishing is your style of fishing you need to check out The Superstick!

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