Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keeping it together!

   Sometimes I wonder what it is about this semi-pro fishing career that keeps me going? I say semi because I really don't make any money at it. At least not yet. This would fall in to one of those times when I hear how "good" I have it with endorsements and pro staff deals. Yes I do have a lot of wonderful sponsors and company's helping me support this habit. I just renewed my contract with Daiwa, things over at Native Watercraft are as good if not better and some other great people are feeding my addiction. Probably the best support I get is from my wife Kris, I don't think I could ever Keep All This Together with out her support and guidance. Plus she is the only who gives me a real reality slap in the face when I deserve it. Support is a great thing no matter how or when you get it. I know it is still 2011 but I'm really looking forward to 2012 and all the support from my great sponsors and my number one endorsement, my family. All of which are helping me Keep it together!  more to come....


  1. Glad we can help you keep your sanity. Of course, we would all be glad to salp you if you really want it!! LOL - look forward to seeing you two on the water again soon!!

  2. I'm happy for you that you have the chance to do what you do. Great blog, you got a new follower