Saturday, October 15, 2011

Proud moments!

  I've involved several years of my life into this thing called fishing. To most it is a hobby, a means to get away and relax and catch some fish, hopefully. For me it has become more than that. Yes I relax when I'm out there, some of the time. I've also been told I take it too seriously. In these past years I have had the great pleasure of sharing my "serious hobby" with others. Whether it is on the water with a client, an article I may have wrote or in a classroom type environment doing a seminar I enjoy spreading what I have learned. I occasionally here from people thanking me for that and even get them to share how that time helped them catch a fish or get them more involved in fishing. There has been no greater feeling for me of this then from my new wife Kris.
    In the beginning she wanted to just kayak no interest in fishing. So we would go on the water together. Her paddling her new kayak while I fished. Then one day she says she would like to try fishing a little. From there her interest grew. We were no longer just a couple with one half fishing the other paddling. We were fishing every chance we could. We fished in tournaments, we traveled to south Florida so she could enter a woman's only event. To the mountains fly fishing for trout, local ponds for blue gill and the occasionally bass. Even off a pier for some Croaker and what ever else we may find. Fast forward to present day, my job has taken me to Florida for a couple months. With an upcoming tournament at home my not yet but wife to be was pre-fishing every chance she got for the event.Listening to her tell me her plan of attacks, the lures she was using, how she fished a particular area, all those things she had developed. My kayaking partner has become my fishing wife. I'm so proud of her, she never stops amazing me! So next time someone ask you to take them fishing do it. Maybe it's a child or a co-worker or even your spouse it may just turn out to be the best "fishing partner" of your life.