Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Round Two!

  Been awhile since I wrote something so I thought I would go back to the "So you want to be a guide" topic. This is more of a rant time for me than any helpful information. Recently I have been getting interest from someone about taking a trip. He asked all the right questions and seemed genuinely interested. A lot of my clients are people who have or are thinking of buying a kayak. So most of them just want some time on the water to get a feel for the whole thing and catch some fish. Which is great!! There is nothing I like more than to get people started in the sport. When someone keeps calling and asking about the bite and if they book a trip where and what we might be catching is OK. When you finish the whole conversation with the fact that you already own a kayak and was just wondering. I feel used. Plain and simple. I wouldn't go to Microsoft asking them how to make some computer part when all the time I have been making similar stuff and want to make more without doing the work. As a guide i take great pride in constantly finding the fish on my own and keeping that for me to share with who I want to or not. Book a trip with a guide. Listen and learn. Any good guide should not only try o put you on fish but also show some of his tricks too. That's how we get referrals. But don't ask a bunch of questions with false pretensions and let me see you on the water. Guides and Captains work hard to stay a step above and are not getting rich taking people fishing. We do it because we love to fish and share what these great waters have to offer.


  1. Well Said Mark !!
    I'm sure a lot of others feel the same way.
    Jerry Aycock

  2. That about sums it up. Found your blog today and I will "follow" along. Here to hoping you post more often.

    The Average Joe Fisherman