Sunday, September 26, 2010

Give Something Back

  Sometimes reality just comes up and smacks you in back of the head when you least expect it. Or maybe even you just lose sight on some of those things that are really important as an angler and just needed a reminder. Being a good steward to the sport can range from picking up some trash on the water to releasing a fish to fight another day. Maybe getting involved in local conservation groups or taking a young angler on his or her first fishing trip. Yesterday I had the priveledge and honor once again to take some young men and woman out fishing. This group was not from the local boys and girls club or were they just some people that got a chance to go fishing with some local anglers. They were wounded men and woman from our Armed Forces. Every year our local kayak angling club hosts a tournament, a chance for anglers to win some great pizes and fish for some of the best inshore species our water has to offer. All of the prizes and raffles they are eligible to win are donate by some outstanding companies and individuals .This is all done so we, as an angling community can Give Something Back. All the money made is to help two great causes, Project Healing Waters and Heroes on the Water. Two great organizations that help mentally, physically and emotionally heal our troops. Yesterday what really got me thinking was our on the water volunteers. People who have a chance to fish in a tournament and win some great prizes. They gave that up. They gave that up to support something they believe in! Also all of our participants who fished this event to help make a difference. I thought how many Saturdays come and go when we rush out the house to going fishing for the day? Maybe every once in a while we all need to rush out that same door to Give Something Back to this sport we love.

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  1. It was truly a refreshing event. I need this to bring me back to certian realities. We are creating memories, creating friendships, and creating kayak anglers!
    Thanks for all your help, cant wait to do it again.