Monday, September 6, 2010

Sometimes its more than the Fish

   I will not lie, fishing for me is alot about the catch. Doesn't always have to be a wallhanger or citation fish. The fact of finding the targeted species and getting the fish to take my man made offering is very rewarding. This weekend I had several chance to do just that. Fish all three days of my Labor Day weekend. As I finished up my weekend on the water I looked back at the trips and one reoccuring thing came up, the people and time I spent with them.
   Saturday was the first in a long time that I fished with a good friend. Both of us live minutes from one another but can never get to the water together. Busy schedules, family and just life has always made it impossible. This weekend we were able to make an early morning trip together and though the fishing on this trip was not to good the time spent with a good friend was.
    Sunday was another trip with good friends. This time Cory Routh , Jay Kocan and a friend from NC Scott Inge went on the hunt together. Stories were told, jokes were made and even some fish were caught. Scott came away with the big catch, a 28" Red. With an upcoming tournament here in VA. I wonder where Scott will start his tournament day fishing?
  Today finished off a memorable weekend. Again another collection of friends spent the morning together fishing. Jay and Andy Cambell from Richmond got the early start on this trip. The rest of us soon followed. William my new spokes person for Marsh Works. LOL. He managed trout and even a striped bass to the boat." Killa Squilla!"  Today was also a day of first. Kris' oldest child,son Daniel, went for his first kayak trip. As did Tommy V's son Paul. Looking back now sometimes the fish are just an added bonus.

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